JUST ‘COS CATERING LTD is among the Great Taste winners of 2021 - Fresh & Fiery


JUST ‘COS CATERING RUBS AND SAUCES, LONDON is celebrating after winning a Prestigious Great Taste Award, the largest and most trusted food and drink awards on the planet; Out of 5,383 products worldwide to receive an Outstanding Great Taste 1-star accolade on Tuesday 21 September for their FRESH & FIERY GREEN SCOTCH BONNET SAUCE! FRESH & FIERY GREEN SCOTCH BONNET SAUCE will now be able to display the unmistakable black and gold logo, a stamp of excellence that is recognised by retailers and consumers alike.

An enticing perfume on the nose with a strong bias towards garlic. A light nuttiness from the oil supports big garlic notes and sweet onion. The heat finds its way through towards the end and complements the lasting depth on the tongue. Well seasoned and bold. Lovely garlic and ginger on the nose. The texture of the onion, garlic and ginger is smooth and the flavours well matched. This has the makings of a delicious sauce.

This presents more like a pesto and has quite a garlicky aroma. The fruity characteristics are maintained in the taste and the flavour is rich. There are earthy notes and some caramelised sugar and pine nut characteristics which sit alongside and complement the heat of the chilli. The garlic is well cooked and benefits the flavours of the sauce.

Victoria Madelyn-Adjei & Priscilla Adjei, Directors, explain After creating great tasting food and receiving rave reviews, it was inevitable that the idea to sell our home-made rubs and sauces would eventually come to fruition. We are passionate about the taste and look of food and therefore thrive at creating delicious wholesome nourishing foods and fantastic brands that not only is pleasing to the eye but guaranteed to take your tastebuds on a journey!
The Great Taste Awards which is organised by the 
Guild of Fine Food and often referred to as the Oscars of the food industry are a recognised mark of excellence that consumers can trust and rely on so it’s no surprise that we had to enter

The Great Taste award winning FRESH & FIERY GREEN SCOTCH BONNET SAUCE is available from www.justcosrubsandsauces.co.uk and notable stockists.

September 2021

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