About us


Owners of Just 'Cos Catering - Vicky Madelyn and Priscilla Adjei are the masterminds behind Just 'Cos Rubs & Sauces. Just ‘Cos Catering is a two time Award winning London catering company. Click here to learn more about our catering services.

After creating great tasting food and receiving rave reviews, it was inevitable that the idea to sell our home-made rubs and sauces would eventually come to fruition.


“We are all about taste”

Just 'Cos Rubs & Sauces is all about taste. Our rubs and sauces are home-made in our London based kitchen using the best sourced natural ingredients.

We are passionate about flavour and ones experience with food. We want all our customers to enjoy the versatility of using our products as condiments, garnishes, seasonings or rubs.

Take your tastebuds on a journey with us. Start shopping